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Hi! I am Jason Fennell and I partner with educators to incorporate successful online learning solutions that differentiate, individualize and promote the ultimate goal of student achievement. Following my first six years out of college, I chose to teach life skills to high school and community college students in northeast Texas. Students learned problem solving strategies, even though they are known as Algebra 1, Geometry and Development Math. HOW CAN I HELP YOU? My patient and persistent algebraic skills come in handy when you are looking to improve student performance. Having led classrooms, I am a great partner for transitioning and staging effective virtual learning solutions across your district. As I admit, my wife is right. If I were digging ditches, I would be the best ditch digger! You will find me ambitious and constantly seeking ways to improve the partnerships, processes and procedures by which educators leverage our online/web-based solutions via Edmentum. Advertisements

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How may we help you redefine your 21st century classroom with online learning for on-time graduation? INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero They’ve been around for more than 50 years, but a lot of factors were converging in recent years … Continue reading

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With Unstoppable Edmentum |

How may we help you redefine your 21st century classroom with online learning for on-time graduation? Checkout Victor Rivero’s interview: With Unstoppable Edmentum | Victor: How will Edmentum be different from PLATO Learning, Archipelago Learning, EdOptions, etc.? Jamie: By combining … Continue reading

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Edmentum in Times Square Edmentum in Times Square thanks to our talented friends at @Franke+Fiorella for helping us build this incredible brand!

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edmentum Redefining the 21st Century Classroom Day 1 of the new EdOptions, PLATO Learning and Archipelago Learning! Education momentum moving forward is now the new edmentum!!!!

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Mind games

Checked into Doubletree in Dallas and looked out to see this parking garage. While the pictures may not show it, it was a bit of a mind play as the parking levels are at different levels and I am looking … Continue reading

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Make a decision and live with it…

At a cool 49 degrees in East Texas, it is ripe for voting weather wherever you are. (People in the northeast, I pray you find shelter and heat.) As voters decide their presidential hopeful today, I find myself needing to … Continue reading

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Getting back to writing

I feel like I need to resuscitate my blog here since I have not done much for some time.  As of yesterday, a new fiscal year has begun with many new changes, challenges and solutions – oh, my! This month is packed … Continue reading

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When your kids want to help :)

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