You are leading. So, where are you going?

Our steps of leadership dictate our entourage’s direction & magnitude for accomplishment and/or misfortune. #leadership

We make decisions constantly.  Operating in a mindset of independence, I am reminded that my decisions create guidance for those I lead in my home, church body, co-workers and my circle of influence ever-changing with the travel and people I come in contact with on a daily basis.  Since what I choose and do impacts other people, are we so independent?

Yes, free-will and thought exists, but our actions will eventually bump, alter or persuade entirely people we interact with.  So, whether we have a title of leadership or not, the choices we make impact the decisions and actions of our observers (those we do life with – directly, indirectly – in person or through social media).

With the steps we take, may we do the right thing all the time to the best of our ability.


About jasonefennell

Hi! I am Jason Fennell and I partner with educators to incorporate successful online learning solutions that differentiate, individualize and promote the ultimate goal of student achievement. Following my first six years out of college, I chose to teach life skills to high school and community college students in northeast Texas. Students learned problem solving strategies, even though they are known as Algebra 1, Geometry and Development Math. HOW CAN I HELP YOU? My patient and persistent algebraic skills come in handy when you are looking to improve student performance. Having led classrooms, I am a great partner for transitioning and staging effective virtual learning solutions across your district. As I admit, my wife is right. If I were digging ditches, I would be the best ditch digger! You will find me ambitious and constantly seeking ways to improve the partnerships, processes and procedures by which educators leverage our online/web-based solutions via Edmentum.
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