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How may we help you redefine your 21st century classroom with online learning for on-time graduation?

EdTech Digest

INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero

JamieCandee of EdmentumThey’ve been around for more than 50 years, but a lot of factors were converging in recent years that led to some very significant changes for what was formerly PLATO Learning and is now Edmentum. First, they’ve significantly expanded their portfolio in recent years, acquiring Educational Options and Archipelago Learning. “This brought in proven learning solutions like EdOptions Academy and Study Island, growing our product portfolio,” says Jamie Candee (pictured), Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Edmentum. “Second, schools and districts have been subjected to the challenges of changing curriculum and tighter budgets right at a time when new learning technology solutions are exploding. Our expanded product portfolio that better addresses these dynamics called for a new way forward for us, and that’s Edmentum. As a single, unified company, we’re ready to redefine the 21st century classroom.”

Victor: How will Edmentum be…

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With Unstoppable Edmentum |

Edmentum logo

How may we help you redefine your 21st century classroom with online learning for on-time graduation?

Checkout Victor Rivero’s interview: With Unstoppable Edmentum |

Victor: How will Edmentum be different from PLATO Learning, Archipelago Learning, EdOptions, etc.?

Jamie: By combining these industry leaders under a single, unified brand, Edmentum will offer the same tested and proven products our customers know and trust. There will be no changes for our employees or our customers, and our operations will continue as they have been.


Edmentum products

Victor: What do you see as the biggest opportunities for integrating technology in the classroom in the coming years?

edmentum wheel

Jamie: Young learners are helping lead the drive for more technology in the classroom. This is a generation that has grown up with technology all around them, from more advanced computers and TVs to tablets, smart phones and gaming devices.

That’s good news for teachers and administrators, because…

Checkout Victor Rivero’s full interview: With Unstoppable Edmentum |


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Edmentum in Times Square

Edmentum in Times Square

Edmentum in Times Square thanks to our talented friends at @Franke+Fiorella for helping us build this incredible brand!

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Redefining the 21st Century Classroom

Day 1 of the new EdOptions, PLATO Learning and Archipelago Learning! Education momentum moving forward is now the new edmentum!!!!

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Mind games



Checked into Doubletree in Dallas and looked out to see this parking garage. While the pictures may not show it, it was a bit of a mind play as the parking levels are at different levels and I am looking down at an angle.

In short, this just looked cool.

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Make a decision and live with it…

At a cool 49 degrees in East Texas, it is ripe for voting weather wherever you are. (People in the northeast, I pray you find shelter and heat.) As voters decide their presidential hopeful today, I find myself needing to find organization and hope of knocking out new trainings, webinars, excitement, anxiety all with a lovely thing called change. Maybe we should add to the only things certain in life our death, taxes and…change.

ARCL brainsharks (rapid online learning)

Territory changes – handing over, absorbing, learning, planning

Open Enrollment – hallelujah we return to Blue Cross Blue Shield

Town Hall Meetings – are we catching the excitement

Out in the field – is supposed to fall into place somewhere this week

Dallas Meeting – all next week with on-site training so this month has two solid weeks of opportunities to be face to face and one is almost gone

This is not a whine list. It is getting back into the habit of writing so that my future writing flows better. As Jeffrey Gitomer practices (and seems to have worked), each morning get up and write something…anything.

I have enjoyed being with my family as the road warrior has a constant battle. Put food on the table and be actively involved in my family’s daily life during the weekdays and not just the weekends. This time feels like the calm before the storm where we/I am ramping up in preparation and the dam is going to break where I/we flood  our opportunities with solutions for students. This time is also exciting as we will have more specific solution tools to meet the needs of varying districts. As a husband and father, I feel like I need to do a better job of balancing both worlds. As a salesman, my mind is racing and thinking about opportunities.

Dear Lord, while I think I know what I am doing, I am confident that you can see further in all directions beyond the lamp for my feet and the light for my path. Please direct me with understanding, love me with grace and infuse me with passion for all things that I do – most importantly with my family.

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Getting back to writing

I feel like I need to resuscitate my blog here since I have not done much for some time. 

As of yesterday, a new fiscal year has begun with many new changes, challenges and solutions – oh, my! This month is packed full with fun, learning and whatever the future unfolds. Today, my oldest is checking out Texas Tech and going to the TT & UT game tomorrow. Lord, open her eyes to what would work best for her – college-wise and financially – please poor down the scholarships! This weekend will be fun for her and my wife have their time as I have time with our two youngest – a nice switch given how much I travel!

Daddy time. We are going to play games, watch at least one movie, do some yard work, read some books…maybe have some popcorn, they will eat their Halloween candy-not all on the same day 🙂

I am trying to wrap my head around the learning paths, new products and the excitement FY13 is bringing. How exciting to offer school districts products to help with RtI, STAAR Remediation, credit recovery & accural plus much more! 

Summer 2013 holds a lot of excitement as a senior will become a college freshman and we look to move somewhere near the Dallas/Ft Worth area – Lord, where is best?


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When your kids want to help :)


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